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2020 Healthy Horse Program

grazing-horsesMcCombs Equine Veterinary Services is offering the 2020 Healthy Horse Program. Register now for a comprehensive health care package including physical examinations, customized season-specific vaccinations, a strategic deworming program, equine blood testing, a Coggins test, a health certificate and a male sheath cleaning.

These packages have been designed to assure horse owners that their horses are receiving quality health care in a timely manner. Regular examinations are useful for early detection, treatment and prevention of potentially serious and costly illness. When we receive your prepaid registry, we will schedule all of the visits and send you an email with the tentative appointment dates. In order to facilitate scheduling, we have allotted approximately 20 minutes per horse visit. If additional professional services are required, please call to schedule an appointment. Let's work together as a team for your horse's preventive health care!


2020 Healthy Horse Program

2 physical examinations
1 fecal egg count
1 Coggins test/health certificate
1 Tetanus, Eastern & Western Encephalitis vaccination**
1 equine complete blood count
2 Rhino/Flu vaccinations FEMALE: $375.00*
1 West Nile Virus vaccination** MALE: $425.00*
1 Rabies vaccination**
1 Sheath Cleaning for males
* Male priced with sheath cleaning and sedation.
** Core vaccines recommended by the AAEP
This package provides all the basic veterinary needs of pleasure horses.
The above program is priced without any additional options.
A fecal egg count will be done during the first visit. A custom deworming program for your horse based on the fecal egg count, horse age and management will be discussed. If your horse is already on a customized program, this will be a recheck. Dr. McCombs will contact you to discuss your horse's frequency of deworming. Annual or bi-annual dental work is also recommended. Horses and ponies over the age of 15 years should have a blood test for endocrine changes done by choosing the Senior Care package.


  • Extra Rhino/Flu vaccination, add $37.00 to any package
  • Pinnacle IN strangles vaccination, add $42.00 to any package
    (initial series requires 2 vaccinations)
  • Potomac Horse Fever vaccination, add $31.00 to any package
  • Additional sheath cleaning with sedation, add $50.00 to any package
  • Additional fecal egg count, add $36.00 to any package
  • Deworming, Equimax $26.00
  • Senior Care Program for equines above 15 years, includes an endocrine profile (ACTH) as well as an equine chemistry profile, add $175.00


Prorated refunds will be made only in the event of the sale or death of the horse. Refunds will only be made if the clinic balance is zero. In order to keep costs down, this is a prepaid program. McCombs Equine can then pass on the savings from convenient regional scheduling and bulk pharmaceutical purchases.

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